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do you believe in visions? In strange gifts and dreams... I do not know what to believe anymore.. ever since I was a little girl, I have been religiously commited.. I guess you can say that spirituality has always been a part of my psych and a motive to my actions... and as far as I remember, I can recall visions.. first they began as simple things that would happen later.. giving me a deja vu feeling.. but lately I have been seeing only bad omens.. things that would happen to the people I know.. for instance just this week I had a vision that a friends baby was going to fall. I tried to warn her so that she could keep an eye on him.. and she called me later that same day telling me that he in fact did fall but thankully received a minor bruise.. I can give countless examples of visions.. only bad omens that have occured to people I know.. I do not know what to make of this. In fact, I do not even want it! It scares me and pains me to see the people I love will be distressed. What should I do? How do I get rid of this gift or curse?
        -- by: hypnoticmistress,  Submited: 2007-07-25     email this story to a friend
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i just think if its annoying you so much see a therapist about it and if you dont mind it so much take it a an extra gift from god to you which makes you extra special
   2007-08-13 10:19:46


yaa it,s a strange thing!!
   2007-08-04 14:34:32


and try to be right beside the person who you dreamed or had a vision of...because some of them would say that you are crazy and so superstitious...therefore, try not to tell them anything, but just go to help them...this is my advice...and be optimistic
   2007-08-04 14:23:14


Dear u decide whether is it gona be a curse or a bless by the way u deal with it.
   2007-07-30 00:14:46

      unkown user

yes... I knew he was going to fall I was saw him fall
   2007-07-27 03:35:59


brgan to fill good but u must be happy too specially u can use this sence in ur relation shep u can fill the next person is he playing with u or he is serious try to use this sence not to afraied from him its a sence to u from god i like it regards
   2007-07-26 12:48:10


good side in this sitiwation that may be if u fill it befor hapning u can do some thing because usually i fill this kind of filling in my life and specially in work so i can take a disition or chek some thing u know i try evry thing until began to
   2007-07-26 12:45:20


yes u r right i have the same filling too but its not in our hand befor i had a bad filling for a 3 years i saied its a result of press or hard working but in the end i had a biiiiig problem a problem that changed my hall life but there is a good
   2007-07-26 12:39:49

      unkown user

& There nothing is called: Curse.I donot belived in curse.When a person belived in God and have faith, you shouldnot belived in curse & You should thanks God for giving this gift For me: sometimes I feeling things before happenning to me. Good luck
   2007-07-26 08:55:50

      unkown user

I belived in the sixth sense..& its a gift from God. & you should be happy to helping people you know from the vision. I know sometimes its lit bit scary. Sometimes you have things you dont want, but you need it..God giving to people they need it.
   2007-07-26 08:49:18

      unkown user

when you say visions, do you mean like hasty dreams? feelings? did you know that your friends baby would fall? or did you see it? when you were asleep or what exactly? do not over stress yourself over it. even f you were seeing things into the future
   2007-07-26 07:59:11

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