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      My Love Story.          HOME
at first i wish :all the people think much be4 love,its not that easy to break your heart my story started with german girl over internet,at first we started to speak in generaly topics, then we gotta friends but she and i was know that i dont want any girls friends, i need the girl who be my 2nd half, then she wanted to learn arabic so i started speak with her on mic to learn her how we speak the characters,then i saw myself falling in love with her,i told her many times i love u,be4 she did ,but when she told me that she love me ,i didnt know that time what i can say or do ,its was a great surprise,i was feel like im the woner of the world, its nice dream where i was in against all the problems we were succed still in love mood, like two birds flying,her blue eyes was my world,i was see the sea and the sky in her eyes which will never i forget forever, her says was my pains medicine,we decide to marry at first time i can bring her to the country which i live in,next year,2008, she is good muslim,and know how to treat people, what ever she was did i was forgive and forget,what ever i was did she was forgive and not forget, i`ll to do whatever she want,and she is same its real love not avilable in all thes world, all at once she said i wanna break, our relatedship is changed, i wanted that time i die,but i toke it as its a few days then will we return like be4,but i was wrong, its toke much time then we had some small problems realy changed our feelings, but we still speak together anything exept love as she wanted,its was realy hurt to speak with ur love like thes without knowledg whats the reasons, then after afew weeks she told me:we are just friends and i hope u find ur much in ur country i dont know what i want yet,whatever i asked her she was answer i dont know but she was say yes when i ask do u still love me? but i couldnt stop love her, so i disturbed her so many times just to know whats the reasons,no way than i decide to keep away sometime to stop my feelings that time she was in bad mood bad feelings because of her problems,i know that time she need me but i couldnt i still in hurt ,thats to know how ill be just friend after all thes love story,she gotta angry of that and called me that i dont care of her, then i stoped speak with her ,thats i need rest of all thes hurt, but she didnt forget that i didnt be with her when she need me,i was so sorry for that and i wish if i die be4 i did i still love her but i dont know what i do
        -- by: mohammad_a,  Submited: 2007-09-28     email this story to a friend
users' comments:     9 comments

      unkown user

i will never forget u my habıbty
   2012-01-18 19:56:22

      unkown user

Assalam aleykum! hi everybody. U dont need improve ur language u KNEW AND KNEW and i it very well(i knw) but that time u were very sad so u could make any mistakes. but it was from soul and konfused my head when i find it..sorry im cry now too
   2010-11-08 22:08:52

      unkown user

Salam aleykum hello everybody..U dont need improve ur language u knew and know language very well but maybe ///that time u were very sad so u can make any mistakes..
   2010-11-08 22:05:30


hehehe ya 7aram walla these people are so damn mean.2oltak nas ma3ateeeh
   2009-08-01 07:43:07


على العموم الواحد بيغلط انه يكتب لناس معتوهين علشان يشاركوه الاحساس وبنفس الوقت مابيرجع يغلط مرة تانية ويحب وحدة غبية متل اللي علقت بالبداية
   2008-03-06 18:19:54


bad comments even its not topic for your psycho says
   2008-03-06 18:16:12


looooooool at the moment i didnt tell anybody which language we were speaking :)
   2008-03-06 18:02:52


sweet heart why dont u write the story in arabic i am swiss and i know german and swiss people dont speak well english did she teach u english anyway i guess u shall forget about her coz german guys still exsist
   2008-02-13 14:40:23

      unkown user

honey u need to improve ur language i truly dont believe that she loved with such a bad language
   2008-01-06 21:59:04

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