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It’s the third anniversary of our relation, three years passed from the moment I met you, yet it seems like it was yesterday. We had our moments, some bad others good, some hard other smooth, some painful others wonderful, but either way both are remarkably cherished moments. They say everybody is special, but I am sure that they haven’t met you, for if they did, they would really know the true meaning of special. Of all the people I have known, no one meant to and no one will ever mean to me as much as you do. You have touched me, touched my soul, spirit and heart in an unusual way that even the sands of time won’t be able to wash the feelings that I have for you. You fill up the biggest room in my heart. You checked in three years ago, and you’re never going to check out, the key will always be yours. You have given me everything a person can ask from a partner in a relationship, and more. You never stopped giving, even when you were giving from yourself. We have faced many obstacles and passed them. We flew over these barriers; we were the wind underneath each other’s wings. Do you know the song “like a candle in the wind”? Well our relation was a candle in a two years storm. No matter how hard the wind blew in the face of this candle, our love reignited it again and again and again…. In this mortal life, everything comes to an end, everything, but this flame, the flame of love and attraction that we have for each other is an eternal one. This flame won’t burn out; on the contrary, it is burning us up. It is consuming us, causing us extreme sufferings, doubled. Because when you’re in pain, I ache and vice versa. How ironic it is that the things that pleases you the most hurts you the worst. Walking away of someone who might be the closest thing to a soul mate is painfully insane. This is why we kept going back to each other. Most of the times, the right way is the hardest one to take; nevertheless, no matter how hard this road will be, we should stick to this decision. We should take the right way, the separate ways. It’s TOO HARD to let you go to be with some else. I know you feel the same, but we need to listen to our mind. We need to let it lead the way, even if it is almost impossible to listen to our mind when the heart is leading. there is not enough ink in the world to write you how much I love you, how much you mean to me and how much I am sorry for hurting you. The only regrets I have in my life are the moments when caused you pain. I leave you, with nothing but the best wishes, you deserve nothing less. I will stop writing now, knowing that there are many things I haven’t said. Many things that will hurt me, burn me, yet I hope that my tears would put out this fire. Please Maroushka, take care of yourself, and take care of every step you take in this life. I will be praying daily, asking god to help us pass this ordeal. You might be surprised by my writing skill. It’s normal, I am surprised too. It took me a while to write this, but these my true feelings that I want to express. I quote Bon Jovi when I say “Like the poet needs the pain”, I guess I have never expressed myself this way, I have never been that poetic, but then again, I have never been in such pain before. With all my love
        -- by: is it true,  Submited: 2007-10-26     email this story to a friend
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      unkown user

Home run! Great sugligng with that answer!
   2011-04-22 22:41:17


well what u have written is great. I have passed through the same process and had to say goodbye because all what I got for the love I gave was pain, wish her good luck and good luck for u too
   2007-11-25 23:54:34


I like you story...
   2007-10-29 19:23:48

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