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      Do U Believe In Love Of 2 Women          HOME
Married man since 23 years, met a girl the age of my wife, and fell in deep love with her. I am really confused because I love both of them. Anyone to advise what shall I do? But please no religious talk. I believe in God. Afterall all clergymen are but humans and they do preach their manner.
        -- by: confused,  Submited: 2008-04-04     email this story to a friend
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Just forget about the new one. cut it immediately and directly. YOur family has the priority and you will never forgive yourself if you were the cause of family separation
   2010-06-16 09:48:58


This happens, just let everything goes as it is
   2010-05-16 12:40:52


this is not love . search deep in ur heart
   2010-02-09 16:10:13


lol funny
   2010-01-30 10:26:33

      unkown user

   2010-01-17 23:30:39


   2009-11-11 00:23:10

      unkown user

Let one time your wife and the next time your beloved goes with another man, then you can decide better.
   2009-09-26 23:13:43


am in the same shit, the problem is am torn between my kids and the woman I love, you cant love 2, there is only 1 love
   2009-01-29 00:09:53


hi if ur wife she love other man what you do?
   2008-10-10 14:44:45


i believe u can but u cant love them both the same ..u love one of them more than the other or at least u love each one differently...find which one and follow ur heart
   2008-07-10 15:15:34


jusy follow your instinct, love never comes so easy.. good luck
   2008-05-20 07:52:09

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