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Michael Jackson was born handsome African American guy and very talent. I hear music from my older family members love him, he has a great voice. He change his face in years after because he made videos like Thriller, and others. He receive awards for his Black Heritage from Queen Elisabeth and Ronald Reagan. He loves being black ??? Obviously not he change his color more and he became white. Something only Allah can change ur true color without hurthing your colors.Why ? He wasnt ugly. He went move out of USA after he was caught in Neverland, play with little boys and touching little boys ewwwww. Sooo, for me if anything happen to him, his songs , his face, his life, no one did it to him except himself. No one like to see a human suffer, what Michael Jackson did to boys, that makes me hate him and anything he does , even his music. Just read online , just thought I would get that off my chest. ty soso
        -- by: sonia,  Submited: 2009-03-11     email this story to a friend
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lol im having a hard time dealing with micheal being dead so unbelieveable omg omg is he really gone like juz gone :(..
   2010-03-16 09:03:26


R.I.P Michael I Miss U
   2010-03-16 09:01:33


its not true michael did not do such a thing hello its all lies to get some money from him he would never do such a thing
   2010-01-30 10:17:56


your story is a waste of time and effort You basically retyped what you saw on the tabloids wooptido.
   2009-08-01 07:36:18

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